GDRAGON Topping iTunes Charts + GDRAGON’s UNTITLED Hair

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The icon of fashion, music, and art itself: the one and only GDRAGON has finally dropped the music video for the single “Untitled, 2014” which is the title song of his latest album. Being the GDRAGON he is, “Untitled” achieved a real-time all-kill, topped Melon, Genie, Bugs, and Naver Music charts in just one hour of … Read more GDRAGON Topping iTunes Charts + GDRAGON’s UNTITLED Hair


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Kang Daniel has been catching the hearts of every Produce 101 Season 2 (MNET’s new boy group reality survival show) watcher through his chocolate abs, epic dance moves, and sweet eye smile. Everyone’s eagerly waiting to see if their ultimate bias will land a spot in the top eleven and finally debut as a Kpop boy … Read more PRODUCE 101 KANG DANIEL’s HAIRSTYLES

The”Cuff” Fashion Trend-SEVENTEEN

Today’s post is going to be showing the recent fashion trend that Seventeen has been able to pick up recently in a lot of their performances, which is the “cuff trend.” The rising fashion trend is to wear sweaters and formal shirts with a strong emphasis on the cuffs of the article of clothing. We’ll be looking through all 13 of the Seventeen members and their take on the cuff trend. While most of their shirts with the special cuffs are formal, there’s a few denim jackets sweaters spread out in the gallery with unique cuffs as well, so keep your eyes peeled and see how you might be able to incorporate the cuff trend into your everyday look!


S.Coups wears the cuff trend in two different ways here. The first picture showing a dark colored formal shirt that has large, floppy cuffs with butons to emphasize the fashion point, while in the second picture he wears a large, oversize button-up that has a bit more of a relaxed feel. This one also has longer cuffs.



I just want to start off by saying that while I am Jisoo biased, I seriously could find the most pictures of him, so just wanted to say that I tried to be fair. My bias is a bit harder to hide here. The first picture shows a longer cuff on a washed denim fabric. It gives a very casual feel to the look. The next three pictures show a more formal take on the trend, with the collar on a couple of them giving another dimension of focus, so the cuffs aren’t as distracting.


Mingyu wears the cuff trend with another formal, baby-blue shirt, that has different patterns along the chest and shoulder area. It gives the eyes something else to look at, rather than just the two large cuffs.


The8 also wears the fashion in two different ways, the first being a regular white dress shirt with slightly longer cuffs, and the second being a white and denim button-down with loose, unbuttoned cuffs. They’re a perfect look for those who want to try the trend in a more casual way.


Junhui wears the trend in a different way than the ones we’ve seen so far. Rather than having the cuffs hanging loose and the sides, he folds them up, utilizing the longer cuffs to show off another unique look. There’s also the plus of not having to roll the cuffs up a hundred times.


Dokyeom wears the look with a nice, plain white dress shirt. This shirt has cuffs that are just slightly longer than the usual, so it shouldn’t be too distracting when going through the day.

Hoshi wears this trend in another unique way, with a large, oversize, white-denim jacket that has extrememly large and long cuffs. It gives off a lot of street vibes, while also being cute.


Woozi and Seungkwan wear the promotion outfits from one of the music show performances, which is a grey and pink dress shirt with the large cuffs. It’s a unique combination of colors to wear with the trend, and it again treats the eyes in terms of more variation.

Dino wears the trend similar to Jun, with the cuffs rolles up. However, here he pairs it with a tie and checkered pants, which add a bit of color and pattern to the outfit. His cuffs are also rolled up a bit tighter than Jun’s were, which looks a bit less casual and more formal.

Vernon wears a smiliar shirt to Mingyu’s, with long and floppy cuffs on the blue dress-shirt, but it seems that his has less design variations on the rest of his shirt. This bring more attention to the cuffs, and it doesn’t get too boring, since his brown and platinum blonde hair already give plenty to look at.

Jeonghan wears the trend with a white dress shirt with black accents, which spices the look up a bit. It also helps to balance out the excessive amount of light colors from the shirt and his hair.

Wonwoo (ft. Soonyoung and Seungcheol) wears the trend like Hoshi did before, with a flannel jacket. The only difference is that the flannel sweater has slightly shorter cuffs, along with another layers underneath.


That’s it for today’s overview for fashion trends! Which member’s style would you want to try and copy most? Comment below!

Dream Concert Will Be Held!

Dream Concert will be held. On June 3 at 6 p.m. KST, the 2017 Dream Concert will be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium. The 2017 Dream Concert will be featuring EXO, Taemin(SHINee), VIXX, BTOB, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, ASTRO, Brave Girls, SNUPER, Laboum, Cosmic Girls, OH MY GIRL, PRISTIN, APRIL, … Read more Dream Concert Will Be Held!

Kim Sohee Talked About Her Terrifying Experience She Had At Her Former Agency

Kim Sohee talked about a terrifying story she had experienced at her former agency. On June 2, Kim Sohee appeared on KBS “Idol Drama Operation Team” through NAVER V Web Drama. She talked about her terrifying experience she had at her former agency. The idol has confessed “The manager at my former agency saw me as a … Read more Kim Sohee Talked About Her Terrifying Experience She Had At Her Former Agency

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