EXO D.O’s Faux Freckles in “Ko Ko Bop”

It seems like everyone in the Kpop community has listened to “Ko Ko Bop” at least once. And, we’ve probably all watched their MV a couple more times than we’ve listened to the actual audio. That’s really not surprising, to be honest. I don’t blame anyone who’s seen the MV a couple more times. With all their funky, retro fashion and hairstyles, there’s a whole lot that we’re busy with. “Ko Ko Bop” was jam-packed with different styles from way back when that a lot of older fans are eager (or not so eager) to see. But, “Ko Ko Bop” is still a music video from 2017, so there’s still some newer styles in there too! One new makeup trend that EXO used here is the “fake freckle” trend. Basically, you would use a darker eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, or countour color to paint on faux freckles onto the skin. D.O was the EXO member that sported the faux freckle look throughout most of the MV, so we’re going to be focusing on his looks today! D.O fans, are you ready? Let’s look through the short gallery of EXO D.O’s Faux Freckles!


EXO D.O’s Faux Freckles- Mini Gallery


So, what are some tips to use if you’re looking to get D.O’s Faux Freckles?

  • Use an Eyebrow Pencil for the most natural look

Eyebrow pencils tend to be waxier than any other lip or eyeliner pencils, so they have smoother application. They also look more natural when they’re applied to the skin.

  • Pick a yellow-toned/warm-toned color

This tip is for those with fair to medium skin tones! Most freckles are more yellow or warm toned, so if you want a more natural look, go for a color with a warm/yellow base.

  •  Focus most freckles in a concentrated area

Freckles are a result of focused concentrations of melanin, and they usually show up in clumps. If one area has more sunlight exposure, it’ll have more freckles! So, try to find an area to focus most of you freckles on.


I hope that you were able to get a few helpful tips from the post! Make sure to try this look out if you thought it looked good on D.O!


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