BoA’s Red Wine “CAMO” Makeup

BoA recently came back with “CAMO” and we were all for it. With over 16 years of experience behind her, all her combacks are unsurprisingly perfect. Also unsurprisingly, most new K-Pop fans aren’t exactly updated on artists like BoA. But, anyone can always learn from BoA, from her music to her dancing, and even her style! To match her mysterious-sounding song, BoA went for a lot of smokey eyes and red lip colors. All her makeup looks were very mature and even more BoA. But, there’s one look in particular that caught my eye. Her Red Wine makeup matched perfectly with the song and set, and was so strong and unique that I thought I’d share a couple pics! Enjoy the short gallery of BoA’s Red Wine “CAMO” Makeup!

BoA’s Red Wine “CAMO” Makeup

It’s so pretty~. Here’s a couple of main points to keep in mind! First of all, she uses a red eyeshadow that has some pink and purple-ish hues, which gives in the wine color. Also, her eyeshadow follows the shape of her eyeliner, and isn’t blended. By having her eyeshadow in such a crisp curve, she can look mature and mysterious without having a smokey eye. Even though there isn’t a lot of smudging or blending, and the colors are all brighter, it still looks mature. And, her lips aren’t matte, but they also aren’t overly glossy. Instead of applying gloss all over her lips, she focuses on the inner part of her lips. Her bottom lips have the gloss focused in the center, while her top lip only has some on her cupid’s bow. So, instead of glossy, her lips look more sticky. Who would’ve thought that a sticky lip could be such a great look?

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