Samuel’s “Sixteen” MV Fashion

Samuel just recently dropped his debut track “Sixteen,” featuring rapper Changmo. His MV already has over 1 million views on YouTube only 10 hours after the release!  In “Sixteen,” aside from his dancing and just him in general, his fashion was definetely an attention-getter. A lot of his fashion choices were inspired from street-style fashion, as most KPop fashion is. I hope I’m not the only one that noticed his almost excessive use of snapbacks and caps! Other than two outfits, he always had a cap of some sort to finish off his outfit! It’s pretty interesing, since it’s been a while since snapbacks were used. Baseball caps were just recently a trend in the Kpop world, while snapbacks kind of died down. But, they made a comeback, along with Samuel in his MV! Today, I’ll be going over a few of his outfits in the MV. I couldn’t include all of them, since some outfits were literally only featured for a second. But, I added all the main outfits in the MV! I hope you enjoy Samuel’s “Sixteen” MV Fashion!

Samuel’s “Sixteen” MV Fashion


In one of the opening scenes, Samuel sports this outfit, which is mainly black. He wears a black oversize sweater underneath an oversize black polo. Since both the colors match, it’s a little harder to see. But, I like the black-on-black fashion! They’re both pretty similar stylistically too, but since they’re two different sweaters, it looks a lot looser and more close to a “street-style” or “hip hop” style. The blue jeans with a silver chain makes the look stand out a bit more, so it’s not too monotonous.

“White Print”

Samuel wore the same outfit twice in the MV, only adding some accesories and changing the style of his shirt. In the first picture, he buttons down his shirt so that you can see the print clearly, and adds a light pink cap. For the second shot, he goes for more of a natural, everyday streetwear look. He wears a plain white tee loosely underneath his first button-down so that his outfit is more free-flowing.

“Faded Denim”

Out of all of Samuel’s “Sixteen” MV fashion, Samuel probably wore this outfit the most throughout the whole music video. This one also gives off pretty strong hip hop/street style/b-boy vibes, but it also looks like it could be worn as a daily look too! He has unusually dark colored jeans that have some grey hue in them, with another oversize white tee, and then adds a patched denim jacket. Some parts are bleached, some are darker, which gives a lot of texture to look at. To finish it off, he adds the same silver chain on his jeans and his beloved red cap/snapback!


This outfit was the brightest out of all of his looks. It wasn’t so much hip-hop influenced and focused more on brighter colors like white. He wears a long-sleeve, oversize white shirt underneath a patterned red button-down. Since the red shirt is so colorful and the patterns are pretty big, he tones it down with white jeans. That way, the main focus of his look is pretty clear, and there’s no other colors that push the red shirt out of the look.


This one really reminds me of Zico’s usual fashion, the colors, style, and everything! He has a strong yellow and dark-blue varsity sweater on, along with loose-fitting light blue jeans and a black cap. Again, since he wants the sweater to be the main look, he picks jeans that are the same color as the background, so they blend in easily.

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