SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Two-Block Hairstyle


Yesterday, we made a lookbook of all of Seveneen Joshua’s hair colors, and I noticed that he had a similar part! For almost all the hair colors Jisoo tried, he’s paired it with with this exact hairstyle. While he has his hair down a lot of the time, he has this hairstyle a lot as … Read more SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Two-Block Hairstyle

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Hair Colors

In addition to being the world-renowned rap, vocal, and acoustic remake king, Joshua is well-known through the netizen community for his unique visuals as well! His unique cat eyes and lips make him a distinct visual in the Kpop world. And, when you have uniqe visuals like his, stylists are bound to have lots of … Read more SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Hair Colors

Exo, BTS, and Seventeen- EBS in Circle Lenses

Most Hallyu fans probably know of the recent term “EBS.” The letters stand for Exo, BTS, and Seventeen. These 3 groups are the top 3 boygroups in terms of  brand rankings. Later, fans coined them as “EBS,” after the Korean broadcasting network EBS. These 3 boygroups are some of the biggest in the industry right … Read more Exo, BTS, and Seventeen- EBS in Circle Lenses

SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Hair Colors

Seventeen has 13 members in total, so that’s a lot of people that the stylists need to make sure stand out. What better way to do this than to put some unique hair colors on the idols? It seems that the hair stylists for Seventeen’s producer and composer Woozi put even more time in his … Read more SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Hair Colors

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair Over the Years

Seventeen’s S.Coups has had some pretty dramatic hair swaps in the past 2 years. From frosted platinum blonde to messy black waves, his hair has been all over the board. However, the majority of his look have been very daily-friendly. I decided to compile a few pictures of his hair changes over the years to … Read more SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair Over the Years

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