SNSD Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs

You’d think that after all the different bangs that trended in Korea, there isn’t any more varieties left! From blunt bangs, see-through bangs, and heart bangs, Kpop idols have been through it all, or so we thought. It looks like a new variety of bangs was created by none other than Tiffany herself! It’s a blend of the See-Though and Choppy bangs. While Girls Generation was on one of their trips abroad, Tiffany had this iconic hairstyle back in August of last year. She had this new hairstyle on a while back ago, so it’s pretty surprising that it isn’t trending right now! I can’t believe I only found out about it just now, so I want to make sure that you guys can have a look at it too! Here’s another way to cut your bangs! Tips from SNSD’s Tiffany herself! Keep reading to look at Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs!

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SNSD Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs

At first glance, Tiffany’s bangs probably don’t look very special. But, there’s a few small changes that she has in her hair that makes it so much more different than the other bangs that are trending right now.

First thing to note is how thick her bangs are. They aren’t full-out blunt bangs, but they aren’t as light as see-through bangs typically are either. It’s a nice balance between the two. It’s probably good for people who want to just experiment with see-through bangs. Some days, you can clip some of your hair back so that the bangs are thinner, and other days, you can just have a full face of bangs without the bangs looking too thick. It’s a dual look!

Next thing to notice is the length of her bangs. Most see-through bangs, or other trending bang styles, have the bangs going a little past the eyebrows. In some cases, the hair pokes their eyes too! You probably get the idea that most bangs these days are long. Tiffany’s bangs are pretty short! Sure, they aren’t as short as Sulli’s Cropped bangs, but they aren’t as long as Eunji’s bangs either. Again, she’s got a nice balance going on here. Her bangs are short enough to look “edgy” and cool without her having to look too daring. Plus, her hair won’t be poking her in the eyes all the time, so that’s probably a nice thing too.

So, how do you like the new hairstyle that’s a mix of Choppy Bangs and See-Through Bangs? Check out the posts below to see the original bangs that Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs got inspiration from!

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