BTS Go Go Bandana Fashion

Bandana has been a Kpop fashion classic for at least a solid 5 years. It can be used for a playful, hipster, or even cutesy concept! It’s definetely a go-to fashion item for both boy group and girl group stylists! From IOI to Big Bang members, first, second, AND third generation idols, there isn’t any idol that hasn’t tried this trend! Huge thank you to whoever started it in the Kpop world! So, yeah, bandanas have, are, and hopefully always will be, in style! And what’s a better way to show the power of the bandana trend than the top-trending boy group wearing it? You know who we’re talking about. BTS just broke the Billboard Hot 100, AND Billboard Hot 200 record for a Kpop group! What else could be a bigger trending group? BTS came back with “DNA,” but their track “Go Go,” which they performed a couple times, is definetely a fan-favorite. Especially that vine move! So, instead of rambling on and on about BTS “Go Go” performance, let’s go through BTS Go Go Bandana Fashion, my favorite part of their stage! And if you’re really curious, watch their “Go Go” performance if you haven’t already!

Now, let’s get to BTS Go Go Bandana fashion! We’ll be focusing on Jin and Taehyung today!


BTS Go Go Bandana Fashion


Here, Jin went for a plain, solid bandana. It matches his hair so well, you might miss it the first time you look! I kind of like the method that his stylist used. Since the black matches his hair color, it makes it look like his hair is really voluminous, that is, until you can spot the bandana! Is this the next trend for volumizing male idols’ hair? We’ll find out soon! I think it’s a possibility, so keep your eyes peeled, everyone!

For BTS’ next “Go Go” stage, Jin was wearing a sports-styled bandana! It’s still a black bandana, but the white stripes on this bandana add a sporty touch.




I know it’s the same look, but I found a gif, so why not share it? I hope you don’t mind! Taehyung’s pretty famous within the whole ARMY fandom for the legendary looks he creates every time he wears a bandana. So, it’s pretty natural that he was one of the only BTS members who wore a bandana for Go Go! Taehyung’s wearing a light blue-ish or gray-sih bandana with letters or words that I honeslty don’t know at the moment. I’ll be sure to add what it says, or where the bandana is from if I can get the info!


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