SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes

SNSD’s “All Night” is filled with retro party vibes, which I don’t think anyone can complain about. The recent retro concept trend in a lot of Kpop music videos is really great. The fashion and makeup is getting so much more variety! Not to mention the hairstyles! I’m a huge sucker for the “Hippie Perms” that are popping up all over the place nowadays. I’m lowkey hoping that this retro trend never ends. Anyways, one thing I especially loved in the music video was the girls’ lip colors! They fit so well with the retro-party concept, but they also looked like they could be a good daily color. Talk about multitasking! Since we don’t know what exact lip product they’re wearing, I decided to do a short little post on the possible dupes for their lip colors in “All Night!” I hope you guys are able to find some good suggestions for SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes! They’re all going to be cheap and easy-access products, so don’t worry about not being able to find them!

P.S~I won’t be covering all the members, just a few of the members!

SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes



Yoona’s lip color here is a very white-toned peachy-orange lip color. There’s about two that come into mind, which are Wet n Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in 24 Carrot Gold, and Revlon’s Smoked Peach lipstick. Check them out for yourself and give it a go!

Wet n’ Wild-24 Carrot Gold


Revlon- Smoked Peach



Hyoyeon’s lip color here is kind of a peachy, light brown. It looks like there’s a sliiight bit of pink in there as well. One lip product that really fits the criteria well is NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Buenos Aires. It’s a nude-y, pink and peach toned lip color. It has the matte texture as well!

NYX- Buenos Aires




Sooyoung’s lip color is tricky, which may sound funny right now. Sure, it doesn’t look like an amazingly unique color, but it’s harder than you would think to find a lip color like the one she’s wearing now! It’s a dusty rose color, but it’s not quite as brown-toned as most dusty rose lippies are. Instead, it has a hint of cherry pink. I’d recommend Wet n Wild’s Megalast Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks in the colors Nudist Peach and Coral Corruption. The Nudist Peach has less cherry pink in it that Coral Corruption, so you can choose what suits you best!



Out of all of SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes, the dupe for Taeyeon’s lip color is honestly one of my favorites. It’s a sort of burnt orange color, but has some pink undertones in it as well. It’s a super wearable, but alluring color that I think everyone should get to wear at least once in their lives! The perfect lipstick that matches this is Wet n’ Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Sandstorm. It has that same burnt orange tone with the pink mixed in. I own one of these myself, and it’s one of the prettiest and most unique colors that I’ve worn!


Wet n’ Wild-Sandstorm


I hope this overview of SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes helped a few of you guys!

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