Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” Hairstyles

Suzy’s made her comeback to the K-Drama world with “While You Were Sleeping,” a fantasy romance drama that stars her and Lee Jong Suk. The two of them worked together for BBQ Chicken’s CF, which was a pretty big hit with all the fans. So, I’m sure we’re all happy to see the two together again in this new drama! So far, there’s only 4 episodes, but we’ve already seen a lot of changes to “The Nation’s First Love!” Suzy’s always had long, dark hair, but it looks like we’ve got to say goodbye to her long locks! She cropped her hair all the way to her chin, which is the shortest look that we’ve ever seen on her! Since Suzy always had a big image of innocence around her, I didn’t really think that she’d ever go for a shorter look. Her stylists always seemed to prefer much girlier, feminine looks. But, she surprised us in this drama with her hair and even her fashion! This short hair isn’t the only style that she’s going to be wearing through the rest of the drama. Let’s go over some of the styles that we’ve seen a glimpse of so far! Keep reading to see Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” Hairstyles!

Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” Hairstyles



It’s only one haircut, but Suzy styles it in pretty subtle ways that make a big difference! In this still, she brings all her bangs to the front of her forehead for a full, blunt-bang look. I think the blunt-ish bangs kind of make her look a bit more tomboy-ish than without.


Here, Suzy has the same cut, but this time she’s pulled her bangs back a bit. Having a curtain of her hair part from the middle definetely makes her face look longer, and it also makes her look a bit more mature too!


I feel like this style is the most “Suzy-looking” style for all of Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” hairstyles, aside from her longer hair of course. Yes, Suzy is now officially a type of style too. She has half of her bangs pulled back, which gives her the signature “see-through” bangs. It’s probably the most feminine-looking style of Suzy’s short cuts, and it looks very Suzy. I guess you can never go wrong with “see-through” bangs!



This look doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. I mean, we’ve only been seeing Suzy wear this hairstyle since forever! That put aside, this look always looks great on her. Her hair’s a bit longer than her shoulder, and it has lovely “Goddess Waves” that give her a lot of volume!

Well, this is the hair length that we’re used to seeing on Suzy, but it’s definetely a more realistic representation of long hair! Long, straight, and with every bang in sight pulled back so that they don’t bother our TV viewing. I don’t know if it’s a look you’d want to copy for a night out, but it’s something we can all relate to!


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