WANNA ONE’s Plaid Fashion

Wanna One has risen to stardom, and fans were delighted to see them perform at the 2017 Gangnam Festival, as heard by the screaming fans. Fans could see a cute trend in the outfits of the members, which was an added touch to their unified team performance, so let’s take a look at Wanna One’s Plaid Fashion Looks!

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Bae Jinyoung & Hwang Minhyun

Jinyoung wears a short-sleeved, dark green plaid shirt with faded denim jeans. What’s unique about his plaid look, though, is in that collar. While the bold, white collar might seem awkward with the dark plaid at first glance, it actually makes Jinyoung to look more stage-ready than he would with the usual plaid T-shirt and denim jeans while also bringing a pop of brightness into the outfit.


Minhyun shows us a much more casual look with his long-sleeved, button-down plaid shirt. He keeps the top buttons unbuttoned because of the heated stage (but most likely for the fanservice). This plaid look would be perfect for warm weather, or the stage, where you’ll be wanting something light and breezy.


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Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s look is the most unique look I’ve seen within Wanna One’s plaid fashion that incorporates plaid patterns. Daniel’s oversized plaid shirt is unique in that it’s bigger and baggier than the other members’ but if you look closely, you can see that it actually has three different patterns within the piece! There’s the signature plaid patterning along with a Burberry-like pattern and a black-and-white checkered pattern. For those of us who just can’t decide which pattern to wear or if you look good in all of them, like Daniel, this plaid shirt is the way to go.


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Ong Seongwoo & Ha Sung Hoon

Seongwoo oozes ‘boyfriend material,’ and his plaid shirt definitely ups that gentleman appeal. Seungwoo wears a black and white patterned plaid shirt, but without the full, buttoned-down look. The buttons only go halfway down the normal length and open-up to reveal a slight, collar-like design near the neckline.

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Ha Sung Hoon

Sunghoon shows us the trendiest side to Wanna One’s plaid fashion with bright red and the bold lettering graphic (which is another trend you can read about HERE) at the back of his plaid shirt.


What did you think? Will you be wearing a lot of plaid this fall, and do you think you can pull it off like these WANNA ONE members? Let us know~



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Source: Topstar News

Written by Yooj