Sunmi’s Fashion Looks – Daily Outfit Lookbook

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Sunmi has been getting so much love from fans and non-fans (if there are any?) alike with her recent comeback with ‘Gashina.’ While the song is C.R.A.Z.Y catchy, netizens have been especially praising her performance of this song on stage, commenting on her professionalism and entrancing facial expressions. If you haven’t watched it yet, be … Read more Sunmi’s Fashion Looks – Daily Outfit Lookbook

Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina”

Sunmi and her teal smokey eye look in the “Gashina” music video has been doing really well these days. And she’s getting a lot of attention! She’s topping almost all the major music charts, even though its been a week since the release. It doesn’t look like there’s anyone who’s getting tired of the song … Read more Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina”

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