BTS DNA Music Video Teaser Hair

So, BTS is officially coming back to town. We always say we’re ready for them, but we all know we’re lying. Right now we’re complaining of how far away September 16th is, but then we’ll be complaining in a few days why it was so early! Typical Kpop commuity logic, I guess. Anyways, BTS dropped their teasers for “DNA,” which has left the whole Kpop crew in flames already. I love the sound of the music, but I admit that I was distracted by the fashion and hair. We’re probably going to be going over their clothes later on, even though they’re all Gucci from what I hear, but for now, we’ll focus on their hair! So, in preperation for BTS’ comeback, let’s take a look at BTS DNA Music Video teaser hair!

Before you see BTS DNA Music Video teaser hair, be sure to check out the two teasers that have been released so far! I’ve added them down below just in case. Mark your calendars and don’t forget to check out their comeback when it gets released on September 18th!

(Just a little warning that the pictures aren’t the highest quality, since the hqs haven’t come out. Also, since we can’t see their hairstyles very clearly, we’re going to be focusing more on their hair colors!)


BTS DNA Music Video Teaser Hair

Rap Monster

Rap Monster’s back at it again with the pastel colors! He usual is a pretty reliable source for hair colors with a nice variety. (Unlike someone else, hint hint.) He went with a pastel-toned orange, which kind of reminds me of the tub of sherbert they sell in the grocery stores. It’s hard to see the complete hairstyle since his cap covers a lot, but it looks like he’s sporting a good 6:4 part!


I honestly think Suga’s hair is going to be completely dead in 5 more years. With that note, I have to say, there’s no way I’m ever going to complain about this hair color! He’s wearing another pastel-toned color! It’s an pastel blue, but since it’s so light, it almost gives off an icy look. Even though it’s pastel, it surprisingly doesn’t give a very soft look! It looks much more fierce in the lighting!


Another low-quality picture, I’m sorry. But, high-quality people look great in low-quality too! In this teaser, J-Hope’s hair look like the fiery red that Taehyung sported during their “Fire” era. But in the second teaser, it looked much more like a sherbert orange. I’m not really sure who to trust on this, but I’m going to go with the fiery red, since I haven’t seen him in the color as often.


I finally got a decent quality picture! Yay me!

THIS. This hair color is the neccesity that I never thought I’d needed. For me, Taehyung’s hair was THE highlight of the teasers. No hate to anyone else, but I’m absolutely in love with this color and style. It’s soft and masculine at the same time, and it’s a very unique color. It’s not the usual silvery-grey that most idols wear. It seems much more toned down, and a bit darker than a silver color. The hairstyle helps too. Since his hair is softened and parted, the color looks blurred and kind of duller. Not in a bad way, though! I love this hair.


Jimin’s hair color is just a typical frosted blonde, which isn’t anything extraordinary. But, I have to admit, I’ve got a lot of questions about the actual hairstyle. Is this just the angle that makes it look poofed-up, or is it actually like that? If it is, will it be for the whole MV? I have so many questions. If this picture is accurate, it looks like he’s going for a very loose “Poodle Hairstyle.” He has very dry, loose curls that look like they’ve been frayed at the ends. I’m not sure how I feel about the hairstyle, but I always love a good platinum blonde in my MVs.


Another HQ pic! Though, he came out for half of the first teaser. If he didn’t have any HQs, I would have been pretty disappointed. His hair, as usual, isn’t surprising any of us. He’s got his “Dope” era hairstyle with his “Not Today” hair color. It’s something we’ve seen a million times, but we can’t deny that he looks good!


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