LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair

LOONA still hasn’t debuted as a full group yet, but all the members that have been introduced sure are busy! Some members have debuted with group promotions, while others debuted with solos! Other members are featuring in the webdrama, Our First Love Story. The triple H members, Heejin, Hyunjin, and HaSeul are starring, but Vivi … Read more LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair

BlackPink Lisa’s Hair Colors

Blackpink has only been around for about a year now, but they’re already considered top-class idols of the third generation. People flock onto their Youtube channel to see their record-breaking MVs, and we can’t help noticing their style! Blackpink is definetely one of the biggest style icons of their generation! They’ve modeled things from handbags … Read more BlackPink Lisa’s Hair Colors

2017 Korean Hair Trend- “Hippie Perms”

The “Hippie Perms” are another huge hair trend in Korea. Like the “Poodle Bangs” that we mentioned earlier, they give a nice easy, messy, don’t-care look. It’s surprisingly different from most hairstyles that trend in Korea. Sulli was probably one of the first celebrities to introduce the look. Today, celebrities and the regular girls in … Read more 2017 Korean Hair Trend- “Hippie Perms”

2017 Korean Hair Trend-“Poodle Bangs”


Most Red Velvet fans are probably already aware of this new hairstyle trend that is taking off in 2017. The “Poodle Bangs” are the style that all the hair salons in Korea are giving to their customers. They give off a very laid-back and retro vibe, which is drastically different from Korea’s usual style. Wrinkled … Read more 2017 Korean Hair Trend-“Poodle Bangs”

SISTAR’s HAIRSTYLES – Latest Looks from ‘LONELY’ Before They Disband

korea korean kpop idol girl group band sistar's hairstyles latest soyou hyorin dasom bora disband spring summer hair for girls kpopstuff

Another loved Kpop girl group has succumb to the seven year curse. Fans are devastated to hear that Kpop’s HOT and summery SISTAR are planning to disband after a final single, which they’ve announced will be released tomorrow! So many iconic Kpop girl groups have been disbanding these days including Wonder Girls, 4minute, IOI, 2NE1, … Read more SISTAR’s HAIRSTYLES – Latest Looks from ‘LONELY’ Before They Disband

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