Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” Hairstyles

Suzy’s made her comeback to the K-Drama world with “While You Were Sleeping,” a fantasy romance drama that stars her and Lee Jong Suk. The two of them worked together for BBQ Chicken’s CF, which was a pretty big hit with all the fans. So, I’m sure we’re all happy to see the two together … Read more Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping” Hairstyles

Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles

Sulli once again caused a stir with netizens for another one of her instagram posts. Sulli sure has a lot of fans that always like to talk about all her personal choices! This time, her hair was the topic of heated netizen discussion. No, she didn’t post another video of her DIY haircut, but she did … Read more Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles

IU’s Short Hairstyles

IU just dropped “Autumn Morning” today, which was a sweet gift for her fans! Happy ninth anniversary to IU and UAENA! This song is just a preview for what’s to come! We’re all going to splurge when her remake comes out! In celebration of IU’s chart-topping release, we’ll be going over her famous bob hairstyles! … Read more IU’s Short Hairstyles

3 See Through Bangs Tips From EUNJI, SUZY, HYOSEONG

korea korean kpop idol girl group band miss a suzy see through bangs tips bang hairstyles looks girls uncontrollably fond kdrama actress kpopstuff

See Through Bangs are a huge trend in Korea, and it’s seen on women celebrities to create different and unique looks. Blunt bangs were big in Asia before, but now see through bangs have taken over the Hallyu wave. Known for softening the facial features with thin layers of wispy bangs, this hairstyle is very … Read more 3 See Through Bangs Tips From EUNJI, SUZY, HYOSEONG

The Hime Cut – A Japanese Look Trending in Korea

Red velvet Irene hime cut short king hairstyle haircut pop korean idol

The latest trending Kpop hairstyle is a Japanese look?! While Korea and Japan have had some strained relations in the past, pop culture has played a part in bringing them ever closer together. The Hime cut has officially been adopted by big-name Korean stars that have helped in popularizing this look to the Korean public. Anime fans and … Read more The Hime Cut – A Japanese Look Trending in Korea

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