Korean Lip Care for the Winter

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Winter’s here, and for most of us skincare junkies, that means it’s time to add those extra two moisturizing steps into your daily routine. And, who can blame us for that? When the temperatures are below freezing and the wind is constantly blowing at 75 miles per hour every time you step outside, not putting on those extra layers of moisture seems like skin suicide. But, while we pile loads and loads of different serums and moisturizers, we forget to another important part of our face-our lips. Almost all of us will completely toss our lip care aside, but I think that we forget how important our lips are for looking healthy. Your skin could be glowing, but if your lips and crackling and pale, you’ll still look like you just climbed out of a hospital bed. There’s a reason why so many k-idols keep lip tint as their staple makeup item! Color and plumpness is important! Most of us will just slather on Vaseline or a thin lip balm, but just like your skincare, that probably won’t cut it during the winter. So, what should you do if you want to keep your lips soft and pink during the freezing winter? Just treat it like another skincare routine-layer and layer for your lip care! Let’s go through some steps recommended by Korean vloggers and experts from Get It Beauty for the ultimate Korean Lip Care Routine!

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Korean Lip Care

Step One: Exfoliate!

Ask any Korean vlogger, and I’ll bet you that they have an extensive lip care routine as well as skincare routine. The first step? Exfoliation, of course! Make sure you aren’t too harsh on your lips! Choose something with natural exfoliants, like sugar and honey.

Step Two: Moisturize

Layer One

This next step is from a Get It Beauty episode from a while ago. After exfoliating your lips, take aloe vera gel, and slather it all over your lips. This works in the same way that a lip mask would. If you’d rather take the lip mask, go ahead! Even male idols like BAP’s Youngguk use these lip masks!


Layer 2: Lip Balm

After your first layer of moisture, now you go follow through with what we usually use on our lips- lip balm. Only, you don’t want to put it on as you normally would! According to the experts on Get It Beauty, you want to apply the lip balm upwards and downwards, following the natural lines of your lips. This way, you don’t damage the layer of skin on your lips!

Make sure to keep a lip balm at hand at all times, not just at the night! Girls’ Generation Sunny says that she never leaves the house without a lip balm of some sort. That would explain her million-dollar plump lips!

Anyone remember when this lip balm went viral?


Layer 3: Seal It All In!
 After your regular lip balm, you can seal the moisture in with either a heavy-duty moisturizer like Vaseline, or you can go in with a sleeping mask or serum. These products make sure to seal all the moisture in, and give your lips the final lock of all the dewy-ness!

Products like Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask are viral in Korea for their ability to lock in that extra moisture!

There’s your winter’s guide to the Korean Lip Care routine! Follow these steps, and you won’t ever have to see dry, colorless lips ever again!


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