IU’s Vintage Nude Lip in “Last Night’s Story”

IU had her comeback just two days ago! “Last Night’s Story,” the title track, was a cute and quirky track with extreme 60s vibes all around! Even the dancing, which was pretty fun to watch, was a nice throwback. IU always has some funky concepts up her sleeve to surprise us all! And so far, we’ve loved every single one that she’s thrown at us. We only got this song a couple days ago, and we’re already wondering what she’s going to brew up next! Keep it coming! IU music was obviously the star of the show, but can I say aesthetic? Her set and filming was amazing too, but I loved her clothes and makeup! The color theme of the whole show seemed to be terra-cotta orange, or brown orange, which I hope you guys will know is one of my favorite colors. It’s inevitable that I love this music video! To go along with the terra-cotta set, IU’s vintage nude lip made a show! It was a great throwback to the lip colors that we almost never see anymore. So, let’s see the key points to IU’s Vintage Nude Lip!

(Make sure to watch her music video down below too!)


IU’s Vintage Nude Lip




For her lips, IU used a classic color from way back when, but it hasn’t been used for so long, it seems like a whole new look! It’s a dull, terra-cotta colored brown with a teensy bit of yellow mixed in. Whew! That’s a lot of color combination right there. I vaguely remember seeing this on a couple of 60s or 70s Hollywood stars on a couple magazines that were floating around. Up until now, it was a color that I never wanted to see again. I was in the “only pinks” era of makeup, which you can imagine was a dark time. Anyways, let’s move on from my dark past, and get to this new-ish trend that could possibly be happening! There’s a lot of nude colors that are similar to this, but they’re often darker and matte, which follows the current makeup trends a bit more closely. This color has a somewhat yellow appearence, and it was given a glossy finish, which transformed IU’s whole look into another era! It’s definetely a lip color to keep on the radar. I also love the fact that glossy lips are kinda-sorta becoming a trend again! It’s been a while since I was able to pull out my old roll-on lip glosses, but the day is near! 90s girls, get ready!


IU’s got blue eyeshadow here! Seem familiar? Just like Sunmi’s Gashina look, IU’s following the trend of blue eyeshadow! I thought that this trend would be forever dead. I mean, I couldn’t possibly think that anyone would be able to look presentable in it, but once Sunmi had her comeback, I knew something was up. And now that IU’s following suit, we can definetly declare it a trend. She chose the classic light-blue shimmery eyeshadow that every middle schooler wore in the 90s for her look, and surprisingly, I love it. The light blue just makes the regular smokey eye and shimmery undereye look so much more refreshing! IU wings out the blue eyshadow to follow her eyeliner, and gives it a super concentrated color throughout the whole line. It’s a daring color, but she wore it perfectly!


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