EXO Suho’s Poodle Hair in “Ko Ko Bop”

EXO just had their latests comeback with “Ko Ko Bop,” which is, as usual sweeping the national charts. “Ko Ko Bop” has apparently gotten twice the amount of views in 24 hours than their last release! Congrats to EXO and EXO-Ls for all your hard work! Now, the music and video are both a great retro throwback, so it’s not surprising that their styles are too. There was a ton of retro, old-school hairstyles (ahem, Baekhyun’s mullet) and fashion that was great to see after so long! Some of these styles are making a comeback in Korea though! Although we hope not, it seems like the mullet is having a small moment of fame, and the famed “Poodle Hairstyle” is too! In “Ko Ko Bop,” we could see Suho rocking this hair trend, and thought it was too good not to share with you guys! So, sit back and enjoy the mini lookbook of Suho’s Poodle Hair for “Ko Ko Bop!”

EXO Suho’s Poodle Hair-Mini Lookbook


Suho’s Poodle Hair isn’t too different from other Poodle Perms that most Korean men get. He crops his hair shortest closest to his neck, and gradually makes it longer and longer and he gets closer to the top of his head. His bangs go down to right above his eyes, and he pushes them out of the way with a middle part so that they’re not always in his view.

Another great styling tip! If you already have the Poodle Bangs or Poodle Perm, try using a headband like Suho is using here! It pushes away any hair that could be in the way, and makes the style look even mlre retro!

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