Tiffany’s Dress at the Erdem x H&M Launch Event

Girls’ Generation has had a lot of news surrounding the group and members. Going from nine to five members that have stayed under the label, the situation’s been looking grim for a lot of hardcore SONES. While we don’t know whether the members that left the label will continue to be a part of Girls’ Generation, the news still made us anxious. Tiffany was one of the members that had decided not to resign with SM. She was reported to have left for the U.S to pursue her studies under acting, which left a lot of her fans to be worried as to whether they would be able to see her. Well, it looks like she hasn’t completely given up on all the spotlight! She was recently spotted at the launching even for a line of clothing from Erdem and H&M! She was even featured on the company’s website alongside American actress Kate Bosworth! We were all super excited to see the news that she was doing well, and that she was still coming out to greet the public. Once we got over the excitement of seeing her, I realized just how much I loved her dress! Take a look at Tiffany’s dress that was featured on their site!


Tiffany’s Dress at the Erdem x H&M Launching Event

I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous. And even though summer’s technically passed already, it looks perfect for a summer night out on the beach. There isn’t a lot of color in the dress. Black as the backdrop and white and blue lacings make up the majority of this outfit, but that’s where design compensates in for color. The halter-style at the top screams the summer that I’m already missing, and the black bow on the collar is both classy and cute. I also really like how the sides of her top are lined with lace patterns. Without the lace to distract and cover, I always feel uncomfortable in halter tops that look like this. But, the lace is able to cover up the harsh diagonal line that could distract from the dress, all while adding to the aesthetics of the dress.

While there isn’t any official clarifications or anything, I’m suspecting that the dress is in the upcoming lineup from H&M and Erdem! Erdem is a much higher-end brand, so we can’t exactly expect prices that we’d normally expect from H&M. But, with the collaboration, the prices seems to have gotten a lot more reasonable than most high-end collaboration lineups, with the priciest option in the line being around $450. H&M also revealed that a sale for the lineup would be on November 2nd, so if this dress catches your eye, make sure to stop by their website to see if it’s something that you’d like to try!

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