Most Iconic BTS Hair Colors

BTS has been around since 2013, and they just celebrated their 4 year anniversary a month ago! In those short four years, the group has gone through a lot, and made a ton of breakthroughs in the Kpop scene. As they made a bigger name for themselves, their hair stylists probably went through a lot … Read more Most Iconic BTS Hair Colors

Male K-Idols Wearing Rose Quartz and Serenity

It was officially announced in the beginning of 2016 last year. Rose Quartz and Serenity were the colors of the year! And of course, when there’s two colors of the year, it means even more ways to pair the colors! Seventeen announced that their official fandom was going to sport these colors, and other idols … Read more Male K-Idols Wearing Rose Quartz and Serenity

SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Hair Colors

Seventeen has 13 members in total, so that’s a lot of people that the stylists need to make sure stand out. What better way to do this than to put some unique hair colors on the idols? It seems that the hair stylists for Seventeen’s producer and composer Woozi put even more time in his hair. They especially love to put pastel colors on him! He hasn’t had a ton of natural hair colors, other than his dirty blonde/brown. But, his hair colors are always fun and a great lookbook for anyone looking to get a more daring look! Look through the gallery below to see some of the best of Woozi’s hair colors.


Ahaha, just bringing some 17TV memories to anyone else that’s watched it. Like any other idol, Woozi sported the natural black style for the majority of his trainee days. It’s one of the only natural colors of Woozi’s hair colors.

Cotton Candy Pink

Seventeen made their debut with Adore U, and even if you couldn’t count any of the members, everyone knew of the member with pink, fairy-like hair! Woozi’s soft, cotton-candy colored pink hair definetely gave a strong appeal to first-timers to the group!

Strawberry Lemonade Ombre

For Mansae, the group’s first comeback, Woozi was first spotted with this ombre look. With hot pink roots and a platinum blonde base, it looks like Starbucks next big drink.

Tangerine Orange

For the remainder of Mansae promotions, Woozi dyed his hair a blurred orange that many fans called his “tangerine” look. It’s a mix between pastels and neons!

Bleached Blonde

Woozi, Vernon, and Ailee released the single, Q & A, where Woozi was seen with this bright blonde style. His bleached blonde hair was impossibly bright, and probably was almost the same color as the December snow that they released the single in!


Cool Lilac

Right before the end of 2015, Woozi dyed his hair a cool lilac color. Depending on the light and angle, his hair can be a warm, pastel lavender, or a cool, metallic tone of the lilac color.


Lavender Grey

As his previous cool-lilac color wore off, Woozi settled into a more silver-based grey with hints of lavender. It’s a little less eccentric than the cool lilac, and looks much more silver-based than purple-based.

Chestnut Brown

For their Pretty U comeback, Woozi was seen in what seems to be one of his first natural-er colors since his debut. He sports dark brown undercuts with a lighter, chestnut brown on top of the burnt brown color.

Burnt Brown and Blonde Pear

For their “Very Nice” comeback, Woozi went with a two-tone look. He has a burnt brown shade for his base and undercut, and tops it with a pear-blonde color. His combination of hair colors is perfect for “Aju Nice’s” funky and unpredictable sound!


Americano Brown and Hazelnut

For the beginning half of their “Boom Boom” promotions, Woozi was seen sporting this look, which leans on the more natural side of the color spectrum. With darker, coffee-colored undertones, he adds a bit of brightness with his hazelnut-ty brown color. The two-tone cut here is much less noticeable, but it still gives a unique impression. This looks like a great color match for those that want a natural color too!

Milk Toffee and Dark Chocolate

Towards the end of Seventeen’s “Boom Boom” promotions, Woozi’s hair-dye wore out into a much lighter color. He chose to have his undercut as a darker chocolat-ey brown, and then had his main color faded into a light, milky, toffee color. This color looks like a perfect balance between the realms of natural and bright hair colors.


Bleached Lime-Yellow

For “Don’t Wanna Cry,” Seventeen’s lastest comeback, Woozi was seen with this blindingly bright, funky color combo. He mixes a lime green and neon-yellow and incorporates it into his look. It’s blindingly bright, so there’s bound to be little confusion as to which member is Woozi this time! Another look that was able to give Woozi some individuality!

Hot Pink

We’ll finally be going over the last color for this post! For one of their recent concerts, Woozi entered the stage with this daring look. Instead of pale, pastel pinks or small highlights, he went all-out with his fiery-pink hair. It’s too bad he didn’t wear this color for one of his promotions, but we aren’t going to complain about this brief look! There’s no doubt that we’ll be waiting for this look to come back!


Woozi isn’t the only one whose hair has gone through all these crazy changes. His fellow member S.Coups and BTS members Jimin and Jungkook have all had some pretty drastic changes. Try taking a look at their own lookbooks!


BTS Jungkook’s Hair Color Changes Over the Years

Are you ready to look at everyone’s favorite idol group’s maknae and Jungkook’s hair? Keep reading!

Since BTS is all the rage this year and for years to come, it’s only right that we post a couple articles on them! There hasn’t been much update on BTS in general, since they’re no currently promoting. However, they did earn a spot on TIME’s list of the Most Influential People on the Internet. And Rap Monster’s having an upcoming collab with Wale. And there’s the same old news that they topped the male group brand rankings again. I guess even when they aren’t particularly busy, there’s always updates on the group.

The member that we’ll be reveiwing today is the maknae, Jungkook! He’s mostly kept his hair colors pretty natural, since he did start off as an idol at a younger age. His colors are usually on the brown to black spectrum, so it’s great for those looking for a natural but great looking new color! Take a look at the gallery below to find some inspiration from different Jungkook’s Hair colors!

Honey Blonde and Brown

Jungkook’s hair color here is a mix of honey brown and blone. He has the honey brown color as his base and adds platinum blonde highlights. This is probably one of his flashiest colors.


It’s probably impossible to find any idol that has never had their hair dyed black, and for good reason. Black is probably the closest color to his Jungkook’s natural hair color, so it doesn’t surprise anyone when he look so good in it.

Diry Blonde

This dirty blonde color is light enough to give a fresh feel to the look, but it also isn’t a blindingly bright color. Even if your original hair color is much darker, dirty blonde can definetely give a natural look like it does to Jungkook here.


Jungkook’s purple and red hair color that he sported during the Skool Luv Affair mini album promotions were one of his wildest hair colors to this day. Here, his hair look much more red-tinted than purple, but it looks like his color changed depending on the light. Some other pictures give more of a purple tint that a red. It’s a unique color that might be scary to get, but idols like Jungkook seem to always be able to pull it off.


Hazlenut Brown

Although it’s another brown hair color like the first picture, this color is a bit darker and warm-toned. The color look really natural as well, so if anyone is looking for a more natural color, this would be for you!



Jungkook’s hair during their “Dope” promotions was a deep purple. It started off as a very strong and dark color, but as the dye wore off, there was a combination of purple and dark brown. Later, like in the second picture, the dark purple wore off into a lighter lavender tone.

Chestnut Brown and Pink Highlights

For their most recent comeback, Jungkook sported this unique combination of colors. He used a light, toastes chestnut brown for his base color, and added the pink highlights. In the music video his highlights were a stronger pink, but it seems like he let the dye fade out over time so that it blended in with the rest of his hair.

Hope you enjoyed the post of Junkook’s hair colors! He definetely has a lot of natural colors, so I think this post would be really helpful for a lot of people. Which color do you want to try out the most?


SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair Over the Years

Seventeen’s S.Coups has had some pretty dramatic hair swaps in the past 2 years. From frosted platinum blonde to messy black waves, his hair has been all over the board. However, the majority of his look have been very daily-friendly. I decided to compile a few pictures of his hair changes over the years to give our male viewers some inspiration. For those that aren’t looking for a shorter style, well, we can always sit back and enjoy the beauty that is Seungcheol. Take a look below to see the gallery of SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair over the years!

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Adore U Era


In Seventeen’s debut Adore U era, S.Coups was first introduced to the public in platinum blonde. In the music video his hair was frosted upwards, and he kept this style for a lot of their original promotions. But, as the color faded to a darker mocha, he began to style his hair downwards for a more natural and innocent look. His bright hair color and unique styling definetely helped to let the public recognize him more easily!

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Mansae Era


During the Mansae Era, S.Coups’ hairstyles were pretty similar. In the beginning, his hair was styled in a straighter look. Later, the stylists seemed to like to add more waves for a messier look. In the last picture, Seungcheol slicks back his hair for the halloween fansigns. It gives an older and more mature look when compared to the other two styles. All of the styles have his color as black.

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Q&A Music Video

Even though it’s not technically a Seventeen comeback, I thought that I’d include the Q&A hair. His hair is still a dark black-blue, but it has what looks like a 6:4 part. To accentuate the part, he has a deep front wave that gives a more bad-boy image. His hair is all in a slight wave, which make the deeper part look much more natural.



In the Pretty U era, Seungcheol was another victim of the bowl cut, or “coconut head” hairstyle as ARMYs put it. For their “Love and Letter” showcase, his color was a cool dark grey-brown, and had a bit of a tousled look. Later, though, he re-dyed it into a lighter chestnut brown, and decided to go straight throughout the rest of Seventeen’s promotions. After a while, his hairdye wore off a bit so the chestnut brown turned into more of an ash-brown. The color changed, but it looks like he kept the same style.




First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the gif here.

Okay. Let’s move on now.

In the teaser pictures for “Very Nice,” S.Coups kept his faded chestnut-brown hair, just adding a bit more texture and a little bit of a middle part. But in the MV, he dyed his hair a cool blue-grey and black. His styling in the MV was similar, only a bit more textured and messy. In his promotions, though, his hair went through a couple of changes. He first kept the color of his hair in the MV and just added a more defined middle part. Nearly halfway through promotions, S.Coups decided to give his hair the pitch-black look once again. I don’t know if he actually dyed it, since he did have his hair wet for a lot of his promotions. And like I just mentioned, he had his hair maintain a wetted look, which gave it much more texture. It also could have helped with his hair color change.



For “Boom Boom” promotions, S.Coups’ hair went through a fair amount of style and color changes. For the MV and teasers, his hair was a dark brown color and had a ton of texture, along with an undercut. In the MV his hair still had a middle part, but there was a lot of peices here and there. In the teasers, his hair gathered together like in a mowhawk, and again there was a lot of stray hairs. During promotions he changed his hair a lot as well. He straightened it at one point, for a more youthful look, and dyed it black. In the last picture, it shows him with a blue tone in his black hair. His hair is tousled and textured a lot more so that his undercut is seen more clearly.


Again, Pause. And let’s continue


DWC era is probably my favorite in terms of S.Coups’ hair. Not only was there a lot of variety in his looks, but they all worked well. For the MV and most of his promotions, he had chocolate brown and sometimes black hair that was curled and tousled like never before. Occasionally, he changed back to a straightened hairstyle for some radio broadcasts and their “Crazy in Love” showcases. The third picture is from S.Coups at the 2017 Dream Concert. Here, he brings back the 6:4(ish) part from the Q&A era, only with a lot more volumous waves. Personally, I love all these hairstyles from DWC on him, and I have no more to say.

I hope you were able to find some nice inspiration through the gallery! And if not, I’m sure that you enjoyed the gallery as much as I did.

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