PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Hair

Produce 101 came to a (pretty disappointing) close about a month ago. There was some good and bad moments, through which Wanna One was formed. One of the most internationally popular trainees, Kim Samuel, wasn’t able to make the cut for the final lineup. That was pretty shocking for both his fans and himself, since he … Read more PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Hair

Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

The two-block hairstyle is probably one of the hottest styles in Korea and most of Asia right now. Almost all the guys in Korea have it, and even more idols! Seventeen’s Joshua already showed that he’s a big fan, as well as the BTS members! But, let’s be honest for a moment, and ask the … Read more Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

Male Idols’ Pink Hair

Kpop Idols are probably the only celebrities who can go around with a wild hair color and have no one even bat an eye. I mean, there’s only so much hair changes that Dispatch can keep up with! Idols have probably tried almost every color in the color spectrum, not to mention a ton of … Read more Male Idols’ Pink Hair

EXO Baekhyun’s Mullet in “Ko Ko Bop” Teasers

Exo baekhyun ko ko bop teaser mullet long hair Asian men Korean kpop idol hairstyles haircut style

EXO-Ls, and just most kpop fans in general, cannot wait for Exo’s next comeback! “Ko Ko Bop” is going to be released on the 18th, and today was Baekhyun’s teaser date! We all know that “Ko Ko Bop” has some pretty interesting fashion choices, just from the teasers. Baekhyun was definetely not an exception from … Read more EXO Baekhyun’s Mullet in “Ko Ko Bop” Teasers

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Hair Colors

In addition to being the world-renowned rap, vocal, and acoustic remake king, Joshua is well-known through the netizen community for his unique visuals as well! His unique cat eyes and lips make him a distinct visual in the Kpop world. And, when you have uniqe visuals like his, stylists are bound to have lots of … Read more SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Hair Colors

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