Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses

Kpop idols have been throwing out some of the wildest concepts that the world has ever seen. And surprisingly, they can usually pull it off, perfectly. There’s been a lot more mediocre and subtle trends, like the gradient lip and straight brows, and those trends are being used by almost all of South Korea, and … Read more Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses

Three Trending Kdrama Hairstyles We Want to Try

korea korean kpop idol drama kdrama hairstyles layered cut while you were sleeping suzy because it's my first life jung so min women girls hairstyle looks kpopstuff

In my opinion, 2017 has been the year of great Kdramas. I recently finished a Kdrama that I have to say is my favorite Kdrama so far : While You Were Sleeping. I waited weeks and weeks for all the episodes to be out so I could marathon it (cuz your girl’s not patient enough to … Read more Three Trending Kdrama Hairstyles We Want to Try

Idol Jackets- Padded/Bench Down Jackets

korea korean kpop idol boy band group gdragon gd big bang padding winter korean trend jacket fashion coat padded outfit guys men girls women kpopstuff

We’ve all seen them. It’s the wintertime and your bias group has a comeback. After waiting (impatiently) surviving on the music video alone for about a day or so, you go out on twitter to check for any updates, and the only HQ photos that have been uploaded so far from this comeback is labeled … Read more Idol Jackets- Padded/Bench Down Jackets

BTS Jimin’s Best Hairstyles

korea korean kpop idol boy band group bangtan boys bts jimin's best hairstyles orange brown dyed hair for guys men perfect man kpopstuff

BTS is on their way to America, and tonight they’ll be performing for the Late Late Show with James Corden! Who’s excited?!! We all can’t wait to see what styles BTS will be shocking the American industry with, so today let’s focus on Jimin and take a trip back to some of Jimin’s best hairstyles, … Read more BTS Jimin’s Best Hairstyles

Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

So, if you aren’t already aware of Seventeen’s comeback with “Clap,” I, as an admin, would personally like to reccomend that you go and check it out. But, since most of us in the Kpop community have heard about their latest comeback, I think it’s time I make another Seventeen post. Just warning you guys, … Read more Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

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